Our Philosophy

SmartOz Kidz aims to ensure all children will receive high quality care, based on trusted values in a safe and nurturing environment by infusing our Service of Excellence motto - uncompromising high standards of service delivery and values. This centre revolves around working in partnership with each child’s family to bring out the best outcome in each and every one of them.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the right foundation for children to learn and grow physically, emotionally, spiritually and creatively - forming a foundation for their early years as future leaders who will make an impact in their community.

Our Values

These are our values (F.A.I.T.H.):

  • To help children to identify God's given gifts, skills and abilities through the teaching of Christian faith.
  • To be an advocate for children by empowering them to think critically, work cooperatively, solve problems creatively and to make healthy choices as they make sense of the world; explore patterns and relationships; play and investigate with materials, ideas and community interaction.
  • To impart integrity and honesty through our words and deeds and be strong role models for the children.
  • To develop trust with children through building connecting relationships enhanced with accountability and dependability.
  • Approach all our work wholeheartedly by embracing all children regardless of race or religion in an atmosphere of love and acceptance without any prejudices, consciously reflecting Christ's love for all humanity.